Beijing Huguang Guild Hall of Xinchen District

Xinchen District Beijing

While keeping things real here in one of the most central location of China, Shanghai. I have increasingly been turning my attention to the other great Chinese giant, well known as Beijing or even “Peking” from the old times. And these very old times are probably the single biggest thing that attracts me. Perhaps because Shanghai is becoming very modern, I go there to seek some old traditions and sweet times that should not be forgotten. But also not forgetting that at the same time we should embrace the modern and let Shanghai take China to the modern civilisation it deserves.

Right now, I am typing this blog post from the magnificent and as ancient Xicheng District of Beijing. This is the home of numerous performing arts theatres. One is especially significant in my book of Chinese traditions, the Huguang Guild Hall. This is a Beijing treat that keeps on charming it’s visitors with a custom that will probably never die from the country. Despite the huge demand from performers, people continue to seek perfection in their “Peking Opera” performances.

While Shanghai has some venues, it is no doubt that the capital city of Beijing is the best place to go and see the art of Beijing Opera. Little did I know, that Xinchen District would be hiding such treasures of varying degrees. But I think that tells a lot about the essence of the city, that it is an adventure to be had with unlimited possibilities of finding new and exiting things!

In love with Shanghai & Beijing! ❤

Feng Han

Beijing Too Knows How To Do Acrobatic Shows

Beijing Acrobatic Show

While I can say with confidence that Shanghai is my favorite city in China, there are others that I like too. There are so many places, which are totally different from each other. I could never say that one city would be number two on my list.. I can only say the number one with confidence 🙂

The “other place” that’s totally different, but very interesting and I respect a lot is the neighboring China. Actually there is quite a long distance between the two, perhaps that and the history is what makes them so different.

About: Acrobatic Show, Beijing.

This is something I come to see almost every single time I visit the city. They have a new show at 5:30PM  at the totally awesome Chaoyang Theatre. Have you ever seen motorcycles circle a cage in pitch black? Have you ever seen a dozen of chairs put on top of each other, and a guy hanging on top of it? Have you ever seen 20 good looking women ride a bicycle at the same time? Well, the acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theatre Beijing could show you just all that and much much more.

I love the way the show changes and Beijing keeps evolving with it. It’s a spirit of hard work, and development.. something that I think is maybe not as strong in Shanghai. That’s one of the things I respect and truly love about Beijing!

Shanghai Phone Shop

Repairing Phone

This one one of those days that I loved the chaotic side of China and the benefits it brings. In Shanghai, you have huge shopping malls that sell electronics and all kinds of phones and gadgets. The variety of stuff, including fake and real is simply overwhelming.

I had two buttons on my iPhone broken and all I needed to do was go to the mall and ask someone where I can get my phone fixed. I was taken to a guy who opened up my phone and replaced the buttons in 30minutes. All for a 20euros. Obviously these guys are very skilful but they get paid very little.. enjoying the benefits however. Only in China!

Shanghai Acrobatic Nightlife at “Centre Theatre”


One of the most amazing thing about this city are the acrobatic as well as other performances. There are loads, they are inexpensive and many of them will leave you with a memory of a lifetime. One such great example is the Shanghai Centre Theatre in Shanghai. It is known as one of the best theaters in the city and hosts the world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.

Especially if you have kids with you when you visit Shanghai, don’t forget to come here for an impressive night out. As a local I’ve seen this show evolve from a loved classic to a mix of modern. It still thrills me and makes me scared at times how skillful these performers are. “Centre Theatre” is a very cool building and you can even stay there the night if you can afford it.

Wonderful Shanghai Opera House

Shanghai Opera House

If you are a fan of Opera get ready to be surprised.. the Opera House in Shanghai is extremely modern building with even more modern performances. It even lacks the Chinese feel.. not including the “majestic” architecture. This is a place where I would go every week if I could afford it. Such magical shows are performer there, also by many foreign artists.

Shanghai Dumplings

Shanghai Dumplings

If I think about food and Shanghai, the first thing that comes to my mind is dumplings. There are many kinds.. with meat, sea food as well as vegetables so even my vegetarian friends can enjoy them. The taste is fresh depending on the filling you can get your stomach really full or get the perfect night snack. Shanghai is packed with restaurants that serve dumplings, most of them open until late if not all night!

Looking Up

Looking Up

This is the view I see when I look up to the sky. It’s the sigh of incredible achievement I am very proud of in my home city.. the wonderful city of Shanghai!

This place is unique.. in China there is no place quite like it. It’s a combination of relaxed minded people, as well as busy streets thriven by economic growth and advanced technology.

It’s THE place to be in China right now. And it’s the place where I was born and raised. So what better way to show my love towards Shanghai is share it with everyone!

That’s why I am here. Let’s look up!

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