Shanghai Phone Shop

Repairing Phone

This one one of those days that I loved the chaotic side of China and the benefits it brings. In Shanghai, you have huge shopping malls that sell electronics and all kinds of phones and gadgets. The variety of stuff, including fake and real is simply overwhelming.

I had two buttons on my iPhone broken and all I needed to do was go to the mall and ask someone where I can get my phone fixed. I was taken to a guy who opened up my phone and replaced the buttons in 30minutes. All for a 20euros. Obviously these guys are very skilful but they get paid very little.. enjoying the benefits however. Only in China!


Something About Me

I'm a chinese girl and my name is Feng Han. I started this website because I love my city of Shanghai but also I want to practice English by writing some interesting texts here. Also I will share my photos with my dear readers. Xie xie!

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