Beijing Too Knows How To Do Acrobatic Shows

Beijing Acrobatic Show

While I can say with confidence that Shanghai is my favorite city in China, there are others that I like too. There are so many places, which are totally different from each other. I could never say that one city would be number two on my list.. I can only say the number one with confidence 🙂

The “other place” that’s totally different, but very interesting and I respect a lot is the neighboring China. Actually there is quite a long distance between the two, perhaps that and the history is what makes them so different.

About: Acrobatic Show, Beijing.

This is something I come to see almost every single time I visit the city. They have a new show at 5:30PM  at the totally awesome Chaoyang Theatre. Have you ever seen motorcycles circle a cage in pitch black? Have you ever seen a dozen of chairs put on top of each other, and a guy hanging on top of it? Have you ever seen 20 good looking women ride a bicycle at the same time? Well, the acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theatre Beijing could show you just all that and much much more.

I love the way the show changes and Beijing keeps evolving with it. It’s a spirit of hard work, and development.. something that I think is maybe not as strong in Shanghai. That’s one of the things I respect and truly love about Beijing!


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