Beijing Huguang Guild Hall of Xinchen District

Xinchen District Beijing

While keeping things real here in one of the most central location of China, Shanghai. I have increasingly been turning my attention to the other great Chinese giant, well known as Beijing or even “Peking” from the old times. And these very old times are probably the single biggest thing that attracts me. Perhaps because Shanghai is becoming very modern, I go there to seek some old traditions and sweet times that should not be forgotten. But also not forgetting that at the same time we should embrace the modern and let Shanghai take China to the modern civilisation it deserves.

Right now, I am typing this blog post from the magnificent and as ancient Xicheng District of Beijing. This is the home of numerous performing arts theatres. One is especially significant in my book of Chinese traditions, the Huguang Guild Hall. This is a Beijing treat that keeps on charming it’s visitors with a custom that will probably never die from the country. Despite the huge demand from performers, people continue to seek perfection in their “Peking Opera” performances.

While Shanghai has some venues, it is no doubt that the capital city of Beijing is the best place to go and see the art of Beijing Opera. Little did I know, that Xinchen District would be hiding such treasures of varying degrees. But I think that tells a lot about the essence of the city, that it is an adventure to be had with unlimited possibilities of finding new and exiting things!

In love with Shanghai & Beijing! ❤

Feng Han


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